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Swaging Machines

Swaging Machines

Heavy Duty Swage

Heavy Duty

Hand Universal Swaging

Hand Universal

Hand Deep Throat Swaging

Hand Deepthroat

Motorised Universal Swaging

Motorised Universal

Motorised Deep Throat

Motorised Deepthroat

Jenny or Burring Machine

Jenny or Burring Machine

Hand/Power operated swagging machine suitable for flanging, beading, curling, swagging, burrying, closing etc. available in different models.

a) Universal (Model USM) with 6 pairs of rolls viz 4 pairs of curling rolls one pair of closing rolls, noe set of flanging roll (supplied with machine)
b) Deepthroat (Model DSM) with one pair of swaging rolls.

Model   USM-1 DSM-18 HDSM-12
Max. Capacity in M.S
Hand Operated Swg 20 18 ---
Motorised Swg 18 16 14
Max. Depth of Gap mm 250 457 317
Max.Centre Dist. Between Rolls mm 55 76 76
Power Required H.P 1 2 3